Submitting Data


Archiving and making your research data available to the public is required by NSF.

Notice: Beginning in Summer 2019 CCE LTER will begin keeping a log of data collected aboard CCE LTER funded research deployments. If you are going to collect data aboard a CCE LTER cruise, you will be required to provide contact information, describe the data you are collecting and detail your plans for making these data publicly available.

CCE LTER Information Management (IM) provides data archiving / publishing services for researchers and students that are fully or partially funded by the project. CCE LTER IM publishes data to a local catalog (Datazoo) and archives for long-term storage with theEnvironmental Data Initiative (EDI) repository. Data submissions are documented and archived with metadata to support re-use by other researchers or the general public. Below are general guidelines for submitting data to the CCE LTER IM. For any questions about submitting data, please contact the CCE LTER Information Manager.

There are also other places to submit your data that are acceptable to NSF, such as BCO-DMO, NCEI and others. Many major universities and institutions are providing data management and archiving services for researchers. In some cases, your data may be more appropriately archived with these other systems, e.g. genetic data. The CCE LTER Information Manager can discuss and assist with these other options.

Submitting Data

Below are forms, guides and completed example forms for download. If you are unsure of which forms to use or have any questions about submitting your research data, use the contact below to begin talking with the CCE LTER data manager.

Please send all data submissions, or data submission inquiries to



General Dataset (tabular)

Submission Form | Submission Guide | Example Completed Form

For basic datasets with data in tabular format, collected, analyzed, etc. using similar methods and spanning one or more cruises/expeditions.


  • New Dataset: Choose the correct form above for your dataset and use the guide and example form to complete it and send to the CCE LTER data manager above.
  • Existing Dataset (new data): If you are updating an existing dataset, that your own or maintain, with new data and formats and metadata have not changed, you can send the update to and explain which dataset is being updated and how.
  • Existing Dataset (revision): If you need to revise metadata or data formats of an existing dataset, please contact for a filled out dataset form to be updated.