Data Links

CCE-LTER data are available for download and/or visualization at the following sites:

  • Datazoo: CCE LTER core data, including primary and derived measurements from both Process and CalCOFI-augmented cruises as well as other timeseries (long-term weather, sea level, sea surface temperature, etc.) are available through Datazoo, CCE LTER’s primary data catalog
  • ezCatalog Data: a searchable listing of all CCE-LTER datasets archived at the Environmental Data Initiative (EDI) repository.
  • Brinton and Townsend Euphausiid Collection: a queryable interface for downloading and visualization of our extensive collection of euphausiid data.
  • Zoodb: a queryable interface to the CCE/CalCOFI zooplankton database.
  • Zooscan: a queryable interface to the Zooscan database of phytoplankton data from PRPOOS net samples.