Graduate Students

Jamee Adams

Nutrient cycling

Phosphorus biogeochemistry

Hannah Adams

Mercury bioegochemistry

Maggie Baker

Primary productivity

Marine heatwaves

Victoria Boatwright

Biophysical interactions

Dante Capone

Zooplankton ecology, carbon cycling, wildfires


Grace Cawley

Zooplankton Ecology

Trophic Interactions & Carbon Export

Julia Chavarry

Food Web Ecology

Christian Fender

Zooplankton ecology, particularly of gelatinous species

Estimates of carbon export to the deep and the mechanisms by which zooplankton influence it

Max Fenton

Trace Metal Speciation & Ocean Thermodynamics

Chemical Sensor Development

Shailja Gangrade

Biophysical Interactions

Physical and ecological drivers of plankton/fish spatial distribution

Vivian (Lin) Hou

Phytoplanton and diatom bioegography

Blooms and DA production dynamics and environmental drivers

John Irving 

Biogeochemical Modeling

Bottom up controls of lower trophic level biomass

Rob Lampe

Eukaryotic phytoplankton

Phytoplankton responses to altered nitrogen, iron, and pCO2.

Diatom diodiversity

Hsin-Ting Li

Kelley McBride

Biophysical interactions

Cross-shore plankton transport influenced by nonlinear internal waves

Minerva Padilla-Villa

Marine trace metal bioegochemistry

Iron stable isotopes cycling

Tammy Russel

Seabird Ecology, Climate Change Ecology and Ocean plastic pollution

Anya Stajner

Zooplankton and Global Change Ecology

Ralph Riley Torres

Organic Matter Cycling

Organic matter biogeochemistry

Chemical characterization and transformations of organic nitrogen

Marley Weiss

Carbon Sequestration

Trace-Metal Controls on Diatom Populations

Taylor Wirth

Biogeochemical sensor development

Ocean acidification monitoring


Anthony Wilson

Climate modeling

Machine learning

Natalie Yingling

Plankton ecology

Biological carbon pump