On Feb. 17 CCE will set sail on the R.V. Revelle for a month-long research cruise investigating the processes driving long-term change in the California Current coastal upwelling biome.  Our team of scientists, students, and volunteers will focus on elucidating the impacts of multiple stressors on open-ocean ecosystems during marine heatwave disturbances.  We will also use cutting edge optical imaging approaches to investigate relationships between plankton taxa at high spatial resolution.  This research is built upon, and continues, long-term efforts to quantify the rates underlying long-term change in biogeochemical properties and marine populations in the CCE.  

Rasmus Swalethorp, a CCE & CalCOFI Researcher, was interviewed by KPBS on his collaborative paper regarding anchovy trophic shifts and larval diet in Nature Communications. He was also featured in the health and science section of the La Jolla Light news.

Swalethorp et al. (2023): Link to paper

KPBS interview: San Diego researchers seek key to understanding volatile anchovy population shifts | KPBS Public Media

La Jolla Light article: La Jolla scientists study booms and busts of anchovy population a crucial food source for sea lions