What is CCE-LTER?

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The California Current Ecosystem LTER is part of the network of Long-Term Ecological Research sites funded by the National Science Foundation.

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The California Current System is a coastal upwelling biome, as found along the eastern margins of all major ocean basins. These are among the most productive  ecosystems in the world ocean. The California Current Ecosystem LTER (32.9°, -120.3°) is investigating nonlinear transitions in the California Current coastal pelagic ecosystem, with particular attention to long-term forcing by a secular warming trend, the Pacific Decadal Oscillation, and El Niño in altering the structure and dynamics of the pelagic ecosystem. The California Current sustains active fisheries for a variety of finfish and marine invertebrates, modulates weather patterns and the hydrologic cycle of much of the western United States, and plays a vital role in the economy of myriad coastal communities.


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CCE’s Process Cruise set for 17 Feb 2024

On Feb. 17 CCE will set sail on the R.V. Revelle for a month-long research cruise investigating the processes driving long-term change in the California Current coastal upwelling biome.  Our team of scientists, students, and volunteers will focus on elucidating the impacts of multiple stressors on open-ocean ecosystems during marineRead more.